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It's convenient and easy! Transfer funds from another financial institution by request or recurring.

Getting Fast Cash is Easy and Quick with MS National Guard Federal Credit Union
It's true: Unexpected expenses pop up at the worst of times. From auto repair bills to unforeseen medical costs, these expenses always seem to take a toll on our wallet and sanity. Fortunately at MS National Guard Federal Credit Union, we're committed to helping our members in times of need.

No credit check loans are approved based on the following information:

  • $30.00 application fee, non-refundable

  • Must be a member for 6 months, in good standing

  • Must be on direct deposit or allotment for 6 months or have prior loan history and setup direct deposit, allotment or ACH (auto pay from another financial institution), minimum $125.00

  • Must be with present employer for 6 months with 1 or more years at last employment or; 1 year with current employer

If you meet the above requirements, visit or call 601-932-5194 today to get started. We would love for you to join the MS National Guard Federal Credit Union family.

$300.00 + $30.00 app fee + 18. % = 3 payments at $114.43

$600.00 + $30.00 app fee + 18. % = 6 payments at $112.48
$1,200.00 + $30.00 app fee + 18. % = 12 payments at $116.34